Hello from Germany

här kan du skriva lite om dej o din bil/bilar.

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Hello from Germany

Inläggav Gunvor » 13 02 23, 6:34

First I want you to excuse that I cannot write in Swedisch.

It's a long time ago when I put question to you - mostly with the intention "origin". But I want to present me in short again:

PV 544 since 1986, the last since 1993, built in 1963, first on the road in 1964. I'm the second driving owner, the first one was a old swedish couple (the story about was printed in the PV Entusiasten-magazin). Because the first owner did not changed main-things at the PV it is pretty original, I think. What was changed I rechanged as far as possible. Since 2011 i own a caravan (Dethleffs Beduin 1964), as you can see in the picture. I live in Wuppertal, west/central part of Germany.

Sorry, no picture jet "Full used contingent" :shock:, only one in a small size. . . Perhaps it will work next time?

Best regards - Gunvor (but male)
Gunvor - volvemus!
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Re: Hello from Germany

Inläggav Blomquist » 13 02 23, 9:33


Regarding pictures, You can upload them to, for instance, Flickr
and then place them in Your thread by using the IMG-tag.
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