Rubber under front section

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Rubber under front section

Inläggav funpv » 14 07 07, 6:53

I have just started mounting the body of my PV and I have little problem.Can anyone tell me what is the thickness of the rubber no. 28 (mark on picture).There is no possibilty to buy new one,at least I didn"t found it


best regards
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Re: Rubber under front section

Inläggav Mattias Lavett » 14 07 14, 7:37

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Re: Rubber under front section

Inläggav Mats Andreasson » 14 08 06, 5:14

I just measured the rubber strip on my 544 B. It's 9 mm thick, 33 mm wide and 93 mm long. It's made from some kind of rather hard rubber, flexible but not very spongy.
On my car there's also a strip of thin copper sheetmetal that is folded over the end of the rubber strip, probably to ensure good earth (ground) connection between the front section (where earth from the headlights is connected) and the rest of the car. The copper strip is about the same width as the rubber strip and has a hole in each end with the same radius as the bolts - you first fit the hole in one end of the copper strip around one of the bolts, then the rubber strip, and finally the other end of the copper strip around the same bolt. Is it possible to understand what I mean? Probably not...
/ Hälsningar, Mats A.
Mats Andreasson
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