Christoph from Tyskland with PV444

här kan du skriva lite om dej o din bil/bilar.

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Christoph from Tyskland with PV444

Inläggav christophb » 14 12 02, 9:20

Hello all PV enthusiasts!

My name is Christoph Behrensdorf and I am living with my wife in Germany, 31275 Lehrte, which is about 20 km from Hannover, City of Expo 2000. I am now 57 years old. My 3 children are already grown (21, 25 and 27).

Besides my PV I have a Motorcycle BMW R60/6 from 1976 which is ready to run and a Zündapp KS 100 from 1967 which is demounted and lying on the shelf. Another rather new interest is brewing my own beer at home!

My PV:
  • PV444 HS v1
  • Model 1954 (its mine since 1984)
  • No. 84853
  • Motor B4B Series III
  • maroon

I am actually working on it to restaurate several parts and get it through the "Bilprovning" and registration as an Oldtimer.

May be I'll post some questions right now..

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Re: Christoph from Tyskland with PV444

Inläggav Arne » 14 12 05, 7:31

Welcome to this Forum. We will try to answer your questions as much that we can.
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